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Going to Iceland with a Hanomag tractor

From June 10 to September 30 2017 to the Island of Fire and Ice

My name is Heinz Prien, I am 61 years old, have been married for 29 years and we have a 27 year- old daughter.

I have been working (and will be until 2018) as project manager for the hospital construction company MAQUET  (medical technologies/ GETINGE GROUP)

In order relax from the daily routine I bought a small tractor in 2011 which needed complete refurbishment.

Within hardly 6 months it was like new and the idea to go on a big trip with a tractor was born.



In 2013 I went on a cruise with my wife Irmgard and, amongst other places, we visited Iceland. From then on, the destination was clear and the first step done for the planned trip.

This early planning turned out to be necessary as, for example, the ferry which operates only once a week had to be booked in May 2016 for the following spring.

Such a trip is not manageable with a small tractor, so it was clear that I needed something bigger and more robust.

I have always liked the old Hanomag tractors ,and so I started looking for one. I was very lucky to find a real so-called „barn treasure“. A vehicle in perfect condition and with a complete history.

This tractor had only been registered from 1963 to 69 and then been kept in a barn by its owner. Later on it was owned by two collectors who drove the tractor only with red number plates, meaning that the tractor was only moved for short distances temporarily.

I could buy the Hanomag from the third owner near Amberg/Bavaria when he sold off his collection.

With my wife and trusting the old technology we transferred the Hanomag on its own wheels in October 2013.

The tractor mastered these nearly 400km without showing any problems and passed the technical inspection and vintage vehicle attestation in Neumarkt i.d.O.P without having to be fixed.

In 2014 and 2016 we did some test trips from Muggensturm/ Baden-Wuertemberg to and around Lake Constance. For the second trip and the journey ahead we bought a matching vintage caravan from Eura Mayr (1983).

The important point was that the caravan had to be of low height so that the tractor would be easily recognised as a slow vehicle when approaching it from behind.